labor lawsuits

Our law firm offers professional advice on claims and defenses in labor lawsuits. We provide legal advice in all areas of labor law and social security, including litigation, collective bargaining, labor relations, collective restructuring negotiations between unions and companies, among others. Trial development strategies in all types of processes, both the old and the new labor procedure. Labor lawyers with extensive experience in litigation and getting results.

– Claims for unfair dismissal.
– Lawsuits and constructive dismissal procedure or autodespido.
Term employment contract.
“Grounds Art 159
“Grounds Art 160
“Casual Art 161
“Notice of dismissal
“Constructive dismissal
Business consulting work.
The labor law service company is the supervision and advice to all types of business for this meeting all the requirements of labor laws, such as: the internal regulations, labor contracts, joint committee (if the company has more than 25 employees), among others. The wording of all types of employment contract adapting the work activity performed by the worker, writing letters of notice, terms of contracts, and other legal necessity required by the company. Subcontracting under the framework of Law No. 20,123.

Collective negotiation.
To determine the period within which you can make collective bargaining must distinguish whether the company exists or not current collective bargaining agreement. In case of absence, as stipulated in Article 317 of the Labour Code, workers may submit draft collective agreement to the employer at the time they see fit. Conversely, if the company existiere an existing collective agreement, according to the provisions of Article 322 of the Labour Code, the presentation of the project must be made no earlier than 45 days nor later than 40 days prior to the due date of that contract.

Labor defenses.
Our study provides labor service companies that have been sued by one or more workers defenses, mainly considering that under Article 452 of our new labor code, with five days prior to the preliminary hearing, in writing, Failure to do so requests worked as tacitly accepted by the employer will be taken, so it is essential defend in advance by employers. Defenses begin working from the Labor until the end of trial, including negotiating with him or workers.