Our law firm offers the service of legal defense of debtors based in cases where the number and amount of the debt, the debtor finds it impossible to continue paying and economic capacity is surpassed, since it is in a situation in which only lives to pay debts. Furthermore the creditors offer debt renegotiations that duplicate and causes economic inability of the debtor to continue paying. In all these cases our study provides the opportunity to defend and ensure the protection of property also provides a time to the debtor, who in some cases wish to pay the debt to pay by entry once there is demand against him. Faced with such trials, our study provides, lawyers in foreclosures, fenders, and suspension of foreclosures.
– Defense debtors in summary proceedings, against all compulsive acts performed by the embargo or creditors.
– Custom service.
– Regular information of its causes with all the processes that are under way against the debtor.
– Asset protection through various activities carried out by lawyers specializing in executive proceedings, auctions, and seizures of property.
– Defence collection lawsuits, filing various actions aimed trial the defense and protection of property of the debtor, for example third party with possession.
– Defense of debtors facing foreclosure on executives and compulsive judgments.
– Request for prescription of debt, where this is more than one year since beating or debt fell due in the cases concerned a promissory note, bill of exchange or check and other events It is subject to evaluation.