In the business area, our law firm provides comprehensive advice that allows the owner of a company and its partners, all processes to adapt the legal system, gaining not only professional supervision, but a defense against possible judicial or administrative proceedings that They arise.
Civil area.
– Defence civil suits.
– Defense indebted companies on executive judgments.
– Bankruptcy.
– Protection of fronts to creditors goods. Contractual civil and commercial area.
– Advice on drafting and revision of the law in all types of contracts and conventions, both civil and commercial. Attorneys in civil and commercial law.
Corporate area.
– Advice and conducting shareholder meetings, directory, powers, social changes, reforms of laws, among others, depending on corporate needs.
Our law firm provides services in labor disputes in all kinds of processes in both the old and the new Labour procedure. We also offer counseling prior to joining a labor dispute form. Supervision and advice to all types of business for this meeting all the requirements of labor laws, such as: the internal regulations, labor contracts, joint committee (if the company has more than 25 employees), collective bargaining, among others. The wording of all types of employment contract adapting the work activity performed by the worker, writing letters of notice, terms of contracts, and other legal necessity required by the company. Outsourcing.